Promoting the innovations, insights and initiatives that will enable a fulfilling and sustainable future for everyone on this planet, the Cloudburst Foundation works to facilitate the collaboration and actions that can make this dream a reality.

In a world facing massive change, so many issues seem almost insurmountable. Water scarcity, starvation, economic instability, escalating ethnic, political and religious conflict, the continuing destruction of our ecosystem, these problems seem to defy all of our attempts at resolution.

Yet throughout history, there have always been innovations, insights, unorthodox marginal messages, often imperceptible to the masses that have transformed our view of the world and enabled us to evolve new approaches to the challenges of existence. Modern science itself was shaped by scattered unorthodox thinkers such as Galileo, Bacon and Descartes whose insights and discoveries went on to lay the foundations for our modern world.

We believe we can help people address the complex issues they face by enabling them to explore and act on the initiatives, innovations and insights that will become the building block for a more viable future.

  • We seek out those whose understandings and initiatives can show us the way forward
  •  We harness the power of modern communications media to facilitate collaborations and actions that will have a positive impact on the future of everyone on this planet
  • Our aim is to engage with nations, organizations, businesses and individuals so they can become a part of the solution



Facilitating collaborations and actions that integrate the needs of society with the integrity of nature


Most of today’s sustainable development projects define success in terms of achieving end results that are impact neutral, meaning they will have no unsustainable effects. While this is clearly a critical objective, it’s now widely recognized that this will never be enough if we want to become a fully sustainable society. For that to be achieved, we must shift towards a model of development that is based on an understanding that the earth can, in fact, be healed and regenerated through human development. This approach has become known as regenerative development. Cloudburst is currently engaged in key initiatives to advance the practical implementation of regenerative development around the world.

The Cloudburst Foundation grounds all its work on a commitment to human development, respect for the dignity and self-determination of individuals, communities, and nations, and faith in personal relationships as a basis for strong working partnerships.

Cloudburst holds a belief that:

“Although we come from different directions, we are all working on the same project: creating a life-affirming legacy.”

Regenerative Projects Around the World

What We Believe In
We believe that it is time to start focusing on the solution, not just the problem.
Our Aim

  • Promote people and initiatives pointing the way to a sustainable and prosperous future for everyone
  • Illuminate and stimulate a global collaboration
  • Celebrate humanity and the power of individuals to make a positive difference for themselves and the planet