Freya Yost leads Cloudburst Foundation’s global operations, overseeing the planning, implementation and day-to-day management of program activities. She supports the long-term vision and strategy of the organization, helping to ensure regenerative development frameworks and grassroots innovation are part of each effort. Freya has been very influential in bringing grassroots movements and perspectives into high-level global development.

Her background is in information science, specializing in areas of government information and policy, open source technologies, and digital rights tensions. After receiving an M.S. in Information Science from Pratt Institute, she started facilitating knowledge exchange between indigenous farmers in East Africa as Vice President of the organization A Growing Culture. Freya managed the development of The Library for Food Sovereignty, an international, multi-stakeholder initiative aimed at sharing and celebrating grassroots innovations and knowledge using appropriate technologies. Freya speaks and writes extensively about the potential of the grassroots to address some of the biggest challenges today.

Freya has worked at leading institutions around the world including the United Nations, New York Public Library, Civitella Ranieri Foundation and Metropolitan Museum of Art. A leader in the open source movement, Freya works to leverage knowledge exchange across disciplines in aim of solving the climate crisis and meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Her work for the past four years has involved supporting participatory development processes that aim to overturn the predominant top-down models. She is a contributing writer at Global Voices, and has published with outlets including the Association for Progressive Communications, Peer-to-Peer Foundation, Truth-Out, and Shareable. She has articles in several peer-review journals including the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions Journal and Indigenous Knowledge: Other Ways of Knowing.