Freya Yost is an interdisciplinary writer, researcher and illustrator who explores knowledge systems, living systems, openness, and digital rights and technology tensions among other things. After receiving her M.S. in Information Science from Pratt Institute, she started facilitating knowledge sharing between indigenous farmers in East Africa with A Growing Culture. Freya is the Project Lead of the Library for Food Sovereignty, an internationally-known, multi-stakeholder initiative aimed at sharing and celebrating grassroots knowledge. She has been managing the development of this initiative since 2015 and speaks and writes extensively about the potential of local and indigenous knowledge to address some of the biggest challenges of today.

Freya has worked at leading institutions around the world including the United Nations, The New York Public Library, The Civitella Ranieri Foundation and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. A leader in the open source movement, Freya works to leverage the open-source paradigm across disciplines as an alternative development model that supports integrative, diverse, creative and regenerative futures for the environment and all people.