Our team

The people that drive our vision

Our team of founders and advisors are focused on seeking out people whose insights and understandings show us the way forward. Harnessing the power of modern communications to bring these innovations and initiatives to people around the world.

Antonio Bartesaghi

Managing Director @ Omet SRL and Founder, The Cloudburst Foundation

Rola Khoury

Executive Director & Vice President
Founder, The Cloudburst Foundation

Mauro Paolini

Vice President Operation
Founder the Cloudburst Foundation

John McNelly

Creative Director
Creative Director @ Illustra Research

Jane Wilkinson

Director of Business Development, Finance & Strategy
Jane Wilkinson has 12 years of international experience building comprehe...

Dr David McConville

Director of Art, Media & Communications
Chairman Buckminster Fuller Institute

Ben Haggard

Program Director
Founding principal at Regenesis Group

Freya Yost

Program Manager
Freya Yost is an interdisciplinary writer, researcher and illustrator who ...

Albert Bates

Community Engagement Coordinator
Albert Bates Albert Bates is founder of the Ecovillage Training Center at ...

Bob Walters

Video Producer
Bob Walters Bob Walters started of teaching Geography and Environmental ...

Linda Sorenson

Program Assistant, Writer
Freelance Writer, Editor, and Speaker

Suzanne Varney

Artist Relations Advisor
Founder, @ SV World Consultancy, Original Content Producer